Inside the Totteoki Guide & Workbooks

Totteoki Guides are topical self-help workbooks for adulthood

Each section is broken down into:
  • Short article on a wellness topic/strategy
  • Introduction for an activity where you apply the strategies to your own life
  • Examples on how to complete the activity
  • Beautifully designed worksheets

As kids we learn by doing. We try things, interact with things, and creatively come up with different solutions. But as we grow older, we are expected to learn from reading or lectures alone, and we become passive consumers of information.

The Totteoki Guide and Workbook takes it back, so you're not just reading about wellness, but actually applying it through guided activities.

These activities are designed by a licensed occupational therapist who has clinical experience helping people with chronic conditions make lifestyle changes.

The information contained in the workbooks are drawn from principles in psychology, but repackaged to be easy to read and easy on the eyes.