2020 Planner coming soon via Kickstarter!
2020 Planner coming soon via Kickstarter!

Inside the Totteoki Guides

Totteoki guides are topical self-help workbooks for adulthood. They are packed with activities, tips, and suggestions to get you feeling more in control of your life. Let's take a look inside!
A common thing we would hear from our peers was that it was difficult to find information on goal setting. There are many differing sources on the Internet, and it is also difficult to know if the sources are credible or not. At the same time, very few people have the time to sit down and read a textbook on the psychology behind behavioral changes... so this booklet contains somewhat of a compromise! We condensed the education as much as possible, and made it as easy to read and comprehend as possible. 
Goal Setting Guide Education Pages Closer Look
It is also broken up into sections, so you'll only be reading the relevant information for the activity you're about to do!
To do is to understand — that is the way we learn as children. As we become adults, we are expected to learn from reading alone. The Totteoki Guide and Workbook takes it back, and combines education with activities. Each education bit is followed by an activity that will lead you in meditating on your values and goals, and help you create an action plan to achieve your goals.
Goal Setting Guide Activity Pages Closer Look