free calendars

Hi! My name is Steph, and I am the co-founder and main creative behind Totteoki. I started making free digital calendars for desktop and mobile in February 2018. It started as a fun project to creatively explore art styles while providing something pretty for my friends every month.




It still continues today, and now we have an actual mailing list for anyone who is interested in receiving these monthly calendars in their inbox. Sign up on this website, or follow the link below —




Here's an example of what the mailer usually looks like! The mailer usually has links to download the desktop and mobile version of that month's calendar, as well as a small note from me and some updates on Totteoki as a brand. 



I don't spam, and usually send no more than two mailers a month. I will always try to make the mailer look beautiful. I hope there is something in the mailers that is useful to you or makes you smile!


Please feel no pressure to buy anything from us because the free calendars are just that - they're free! But if you happen to also like stationery and would like to support us, just opened. 




With love, Steph