2020 Planner coming soon via Kickstarter!
2020 Planner coming soon via Kickstarter!

About Totteoki

Totteoki (pronounced "tot • teh • oh • key") is a Japanese word describing something you value and have set aside in reserve.

That one outfit you save for special occasions is your totteoki outfit. The cafe that you love and will only take your best friend to is your totteoki cafe. A notebook that you think is so pretty that you keep it safely in its original packaging, is your totteoki notebook.

At Totteoki Design, we believe in creating things that people will love and cherish. The design is minimal, and we try to source the highest quality materials that we can. Here at Totteoki, our goal is to make things that add value, not clutter, to your life.


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Totteoki is ran by Nick and Steph, a husband-and-wife pair from Los Angeles.


Steph: Hi! I'm Steph, and I am a graphic designer and illustrator. I quit my job in fashion brand marketing in 2016 to pursue after a small dream I quietly held onto for years — creating minimal, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable stationery. I felt validated when I visited Asia and saw that there were many brands out there producing beautifully designed and affordable goods. I hope to do the same here in the USA! It has been a steep learning curve going from office worker to entrepreneur, but I continue to strive forward with the hope that one day, our stationery will become someone's totteoki possession. 

Nick: Hey! I’m Nick. I’m a behavioral health specialist by training, and designer at heart. I completed my doctorate residency in occupational therapy at USC, helping patients with chronic diseases manage their conditions better by making small, achievable changes to their lifestyles. I wanted to take my education to the general public (you!), while designing something that was purposeful, and just plain cool. I’m currently inspired by 1950s Japanese graphic design, Tan from the Fab 5, and homemade tea-lattes.


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